My Life as a RED HEAD












First off, I have been all over the place with my hair color. I started this journey with long natural brown hair, it was beautiful! However, when I started cosmetology school I decided I wanted to try blonde and when I decided I was tired of it I could cut it into a bob and color it back brown. So, this is exactly what I did. I had a beautiful blonde ombré for most of cosmetology school and LOVED it! Nonetheless, toward the end of school I convinced myself I just had to get a bob and go dark, so I chopped it all off. I liked it for about a week and then regretted it big time! After that I just let it grow and gradually added highlights and went all over blonde.

Needless to say I was never fully satisfied with my hair and have always been looking for something new. I have FINALLY found what I have been looking for!

I got very brave and decided to go from bright blonde to vibrant red and I have never been more in love with my hair! I receive so many compliments on my hair color and so many ask for my formula! I use Davines color at my salon and love the vibrancy and richness of the colors. I am having so much fun as a red head and I will never look back! Check out my Instagram for hair inspiration!

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