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I have been working on my perfect brow routine for a long time. I am finally to a point that I feel confident in my technique. In this tutorial I use all Anastasia Beverly Hills product, she is the brow QUEEN and I love everything she makes. She also has a great Instagram page where you can find hundreds of brow tutorials and tips!

I always do my brows before setting my foundation, as it makes for easy clean up. Next I use the Dip Brow in “Medium Brown” and do small strokes with the brush number 7 to create the look of hair where I need filled. After I am comfortable with the fill, I use the Brow Powder Duo in “Dark Brown” to line the brow and create the shape I want. Once I am happy with the shape I use L’oreal True Match Concealer and a small angled brush to clean up any messy lines and create a very sharp, clean brow! Finish the look off with the Clear Brow Gel to hold your brows in place!

I have found that the most important part of my brow routine is MAINTENANCE! I regularly get my brows threaded and tinted. I go to the same woman every month to get them threaded because she knows exactly what I want them to look like. And for tinting, our esthetician at Dead Swanky Salon, Juliette Sherin, takes great care of me! Every three weeks we set aside time to tint my brows and get them fairly dark. This takes SO much work out of the everyday routine!

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